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Melody is one of Children’s BIGGEST Learning Advocate’s

Melody Shuman has over 25 years of experience in the Martial Arts. Melody earned her black belt in 1988 in New Orleans, and since then has achieved many accomplishments in her Martial Arts journey. She began working as a program director and instructor in Orlando, Florida at the age of 19. From there, Melody co-owned and operated 4 schools in south Florida for 6 years. During that time, she won the title of world champion and was a coach to one of the best competition teams in her organization with a combined total of 37 world champion titles amongst the entire team!

Melody also dedicated a lot of her time researching and developing some of the best methods for teaching children. In 2000, Melody presented her first innovative program, the Little Ninjas, to the Martial Arts industry and today that program is operating in over 2,000 schools in over 25 countries. This program opened up many doors for Melody and launched a new destination in her Martial Arts career.

Melody’s extensive consulting background includes a huge seminar demand, specifically her Children’s Martial Arts Instructor Certification Course, in which she has already certified over 5,000 instructors worldwide, including Chuck Norris’s organization the UFAF. Chuck Norris personally presented Melody with a special award in recognition for her contributions to teaching children in 2005. This was the first award that Chuck Norris has ever presented of its kind.

Melody’s latest career move is the development of her age-specific curriculums branded as SKILLZ. This is the very first of its kind and is getting a lot of attention for her systematic approach to skill-based Martial Arts training. Endorsed by some of the nation’s leading child psychologists, including the late Dr. Ruth Peter’s, Melody has left a huge footprint on the Martial Arts industry with her age-specific programs. Currently there are over 150 licensed SKILLZ schools in over 9 countries. She also has an online drills website, which currently contains over 1600 age-specific drills, as well as teen, adult, and specialty drills. This website currently has over 125 subscribers in 6 countries.

Melody received her mastership in 2005. She now resides in St. Petersburg Florida where she co-owns and operates On the Mat Martial Arts. She has a young son named Van.

Melody’s Classroom Tips!

Succeeding as a children’s martial arts instructor can be just as difficult as surviving in the wild! The reason why is because there is no easy path. As a metaphor to surviving in the wild, I have put together this quick article on how to survive in the classroom.

-Tip 1: Have a Map! Would you enter the wild without a map? I wouldn’t. The same goes for your curriculum. You need to have structure in your testing cycle, testing requirements, belt system, and class planners.  >>READ MORE…

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